Welcome to Sydney Heartburn Clinic

This organisation is focussed on the diagnosis and treatment of upper gastrointestinal diseases; both malignant cancer and benign disease. There is a strong interest in minimally invasive surgery with a focus on keyhole procedures and endoscopy for those who require it. Diagnosis of complex upper gastrointestinal disease is performed in our laboratory, and by other medical specialists, including radiology, nuclear medicine, anaesthetics, gastroenterology and oncology.

The group has specialised experience in cancers of the oesophagus and stomach and areas of reflux treatment, hiatus hernia, achalasia, difficulty swallowing, gallstones and spleen diseases.

We have been involved in keyhole (minimally invasive, laparoscopic) surgery from the early days of pioneering techniques. We are active in evolving new techniques and can offer great experience and most modern therapy.



Professor Gregory L Falk is a surgeon with more than 20 years’ experience in laparoscopic surgery. He is a Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Sydney, and a Clinical Professor of Surgery at Macquarie University. He has published research articles on reflux, hiatus hernia, giant hiatus hernia, splenectomy, oesophageal cancer and stomach cancer.


This site is designed to provide useful information on the symptoms and management of Upper Gastrointestinal diseases. The Sydney Heartburn Clinic is both a diagnostic and surgical practice. We have a strong belief in the multidisciplinary approach to treatment.