Diagnostic Procedures

Types of tests

There are four types of tests that are performed at the Sydney Heartburn Clinic. These include:

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The Laboratory

At the Sydney Heartburn Clinic we perform Manometry, 24 hour pH testing and Impedance Monitoring. Our registered nurse administers the tests.lab3_sm

  • The laboratory is located in the Lindfield Centre on Tryon Road.
  • New state of the art equipment is utilised.
  • Full sterilisation protocols are followed.
  • Where possible, disposable instruments are used.



The studies are reviewed by Professor Falk and the nurse practitioner. Reports are sent to your referring doctor.


What can be gained by testing

The testing enables us to detect dysfunction of the oesophageal muscles:

  • Failing reflux valvular mechanism
  • Heartburn, regurgitation, dysphagia
  • Breathlessness, cough, choking
  • Hoarse or weak voice
  • Difficultly singing

It also allows us to assess the success or failure of surgical or medical treatment of reflux.

The research demonstrates that surgery is most successful when the patient is assessed in a laboratory beforehand.