24 Hour pH Testing

Also known as acid studies, 24 hour pH testing may be suggested if your endoscopy is negative. However a trial of medication is quite effective and usually enough. Should medication not work and you are asked to see a surgeon, acid studies are very frequent to make absolutely sure the operation is being performed for the appropriate reasons. It has been identified that the best surgical results occur when surgeons utilise this testing.


  • The nose and throat are made numb by local anaesthetic.
  • The tube (1.5mm) is swallowed and records acid in the oesophagus. It is best kept in for 24 hours (hence the name) and normal values are recoded.

We use 24 Hour pH Testing to:

  • Confirm the diagnosis of reflux disease prior to treatment or surgery.
  • Investigate symptoms which are not diagnostic.
  • Diagnose atypical reflux symptoms (cough, voice, sore throat).
  • Check the effectiveness of reflux medications.
  • Evaluate whether surgery has succeeded.