GIST Tumor

Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST) is an unusual tumour that can occur in the stomach, oesophagus or bowel. It is sometimes found incidentally by endoscopy. It is not as malignant as stomach or oesophageal cancer however it can cause local problems and should be removed.

Possible complications of leaving the tumour in:

  • Internal bleeding
  • Can grow to a large size and spread

Almost all of Professor Falk’s patients with this sort of tumour have only required keyhole surgery, have had an early recovery and required only two to three days in hospital. Most have returned to work within a week.

Occasionally additional therapy is suggested but it is dependant upon what is seen under the microscope when the tumour is removed.


Almost all patients are treated by keyhole surgery with excellent results. Sometimes secondary disease can occur. Adjuvant chemotherapy (i.e. chemotherapy after surgery) is recommended for some patients.

We can minimise the resection by removing the least amount of stomach possible, in order to reduce the side effects without reducing the cure rate.

gist1 gist2

For more information see:


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