The combination of surgery with the removal of the cancer and draining lymph nodes offers improved survival. Removal of lymph nodes in gastric cancer series has shown that five-year survival is improved from 40%-45% to more than 65%. This is achieved by radical removal of the lymph nodes around the celiac axis, hepatic artery, splenic artery and the pancreas.

High Volume

Outcomes are only acceptable when surgeons perform operations frequently, affecting both early complications and improving cancer survival figures.

Laparoscopy/Keyhole Surgery

Some patients are suitable for keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery for the treatment of stomach cancer.

Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

Many patients are suitable for combination therapy (chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy before surgery) which is 13-15% more likely to cure the cancer than surgery alone. Treatment takes 6 to 9 weeks and is conducted by our team member oncologist.

Enhanced Analgesia

Recent adoption of state of the art anaesthetic and pain techniques has enabled surgery with a cut to be performed with minimal discomfort to the patient. Small (1 mm) tubes are left in the abdomen to eliminate pain. It is highly effective.

For more information see


Laparoscopic resection of gastric cancer through small incision in abdomen.


Abdomen post laparoscopic resection of stomach cancer.




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